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Will Shakespeare’s ImproMusical at Bard on the Beach in September 2014
July 27th, 2014 by adminIM

Attending Bard on a Fireworks Night?

Hey!!!  We will be there too!  In between seeing terrific Bard shows and the big OOOOOOOOO and AAAAAAHHHHH in the sky, look for us doing a sampler of our show.  We will be using the Wheel of Will to help us improvise songs on the spot.  It will be great, silly good times.



July 27th, 2014 by adminIM

Will Shakespeare’s ImproMusical vamps at Bard on the Beach this September

We are BEYOND THRILLED to be offered the opportunity to play at Bard on the Beach this season.  We will be performing as part of their Special Events series.  You will find us there on the following dates:

September 1, 8, & 15 • 7:30pm   at the Howard Family Stage

For complete information about our shows including ticket info, click here:

Will Shakespeare’s ImproMusical at Bard on the Beach

Come visit us!!



September 24th, 2012 by adminIM

Will Shakespeare’s ImproMusical Rides Again at Presentation House

Okay…..let’s do this one more time Vancouver!!!

We have received a wonderful offer to take Will Shakepeare’s ImproMusical on the road.  So, FOR ONE NIGHT ONLY, we will be recreating the magic of the Fringe at Presentation House in North Vancouver.  This will be part of the Grand Theft Impro series.

Here are the details:

When:  September 29th.  8pm

Where:  Presentation House Theatre, 333 Chesterfield Ave, North Vancouver.

Tickets:  $12

To purchase tickets:  You can buy the tickets, online, in person or by phone.  Here is a link with more info.  (NOTE:  Click or ask for the Grand Theft Impro series when buying tickets for this show.)  

Ticket Info Link

We look forward to seeing you!!!

September 17th, 2012 by adminIM

Thank you to the Fringe and our lovely audiences

Huge thank you to the staff and volunteers of the Vancouver Fringe Festival for an incredible experience.  Your hard work and general awesomeness made the event super fun.

And a HUGE thank you to our wonderfully supportive audiences who made this show ROCK!!!  Your suggestions, laughter and word of mouth made this show take off.  We adore each and everyone of you.

Have a great day.

xo, The ImproMusical Crew.

September 14th, 2012 by adminIM

Vancouver Courier Talks About WSIM

Thanks to the Vancouver Courier for their lovely article about our show.

Vancouver Courier:  TheatreSports Veteran Forced to Improvise At Fringe Fest.


September 8th, 2012 by adminIM

Review from Plank Magazine

Awesome review of Will Shakespeare’s ImproMusical by Leah Bradford-Smart of Plank Magazine. So many great quotes in her column but the lines that made me smile the most was DO NOT BE DETERRED BY THE FACT IT IS A MUSICAL! IT IS AWESOME! Thank you for coming to review our show. xo

September 7th, 2012 by adminIM

North Shore News!

There is a lovely article in today’s North Shore News about the show.    Thank you so much to NSN for featuring us in your paper.

The Show Must Go On at the Fringe Fest


September 7th, 2012 by adminIM

Thank You to Our Opening Night Audience!

Thank you so much to our lovely and supportive audience for tonight’s opening of Will Shakespeare’s ImproMusical.  The show, inspired by the themes of The Tempest, followed the adventures of a stone-cutter named Rim-e-o and his twin Room-e-o.  Sure, there was a Beauty, a Duke and an elk along the way, just for fun.  (why wouldn’t there be???).  We would love to see you at our next show on Saturday at 8:45pm at Carousel Theatre.  Tickets at the Fringe website:  (look for tickets under our show’s name).  Have a great day.  🙂


September 6th, 2012 by adminIM

Will Shakespeare’s ImproMusical Has a Poster!

Check out this bucket of loveliness!!!

ImproMusical Poster September 2012


September 4th, 2012 by adminIM

Catch Will Shakespeare’s ImproMusical at the Vancouver Fringe

To B flat or not to B flat – there is sure to be a lot of treble in this show!!  Will Shakespeare’s ImproMusical appears at the Vancouver Fringe on these dates:

Thursday, September 6: 10:45pm
Saturday, September 8: 8:45pm
Sunday, September 9: 4:00pm
Tuesday, September 11: 8:00pm
Thursday, September 13: 10:45pm
Friday, September 14: 5:00pm
Saturday, September 15: 7:45pm
Sunday, September 16: 2:00pm

All shows are at Carousel Theatre located at 1412 Cartwright Street on Granville Island (right across from the Kids’ Only Market).

Tickets are available through the Vancouver Fringe Festival.

NOTE:  This show was a last minute replacement for The Histories.  To buy tickets for our show, search for our show’s name under the Buy Tickets tab on the Fringe site.  

Come visit us!